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Collaboration With Parents Using Learning Management System

Parental involvement in school life is very important for the success of students. According to the research, the children whose parents are actively involved in the educational process achieve better results: they get better marks, and are distinguished by their positive behavior, etc. Parental involvement in the educational process enriches the school culture and contributes to its development. Thus, in order to achieve better results teachers need to be interested in active cooperation with the parents.

Collaboration with the parents may be a significant challenge for many teachers, because this requires well-developed communication skills on a teacher’s part, and it takes some time and effort on a parent’s part as well.


How To Be A Good Public Speaker – 10 Simple Tips

[nozoom]How to be a good public speakerIn the 21st century a good public speaking is as respected and lucrative, as any other profession. The good orators are employed for the decent jobs, and promoted to the higher positions; they easily pass the exams, and are always in public spotlight. The most importantly, the public speakers have a wide circle of friends and contacts, and have an enviable social image. It is well-known that a good teacher should be a good orator as well. He/she should be able to convey his/her knowledge and opinions in an interesting and understandable way, and to arouse the audience’s/class’s interest.

It is possible to study how to be a good public speaker. If you want to master this trade, keep in mind the simple tips.


Successful Students with Successful Schools

Many students suffer from not being successful in schools. From the first sight, failure in school is only one of problems one has to face in a life-time. Failure is of two types: lack of love and low self-appraisal, but these two are so connected that it is hard and unnatural to separate them.

We should consider person’s basic needs. These are feelings of love and dignity. Person should learn to love others and should feel the same in return. If the person has experienced the feeling of mutual love, furthermore during the whole life, he is already successful to some extent.


10 of the Top Military Game-Based Training Systems Today

Ever since the military and law enforcement started realizing that first-person shooter games like DOOM, Duke Nukem and similar actually enhanced a person’s ability to aim and shoot precisely under pressure, both types of agencies have been taken advantage of the tool to boost training. The military has been the most prolific in such training, expanding the model far beyond plain shooting scenarios to full immersion scenarios. The results have been the production of an entirely different soldier. Law enforcement is following suit where it can as well.



Dubbed Live, Virtual and Constructive Training, or LVC, military use of digital gaming tools has become a commonplace part of basic training prior to new environment entry. For example, soldiers schedule to relocate to Afghanistan have often been placed into digital training to deal with stress scenarios of house-to-house combat and alleyway fighting where quick decisions mean surviving or getting shot.


4 Factors to Increase Students Motivation

Motivation is one of the actively usable and important term in modern pedagogic psychology. It includes factors conditioned by actions and behavior that push them for response on internal (emotions, feelings ...) and external (environment) motives. Generally, person’s action is oriented mostly on goal achievement and is based on certain motives. Therefore motivation may be explained as the process directed toward the achievement of desirable goal.

Motivation to study consists of various components. We discuss hereto some important interpersonal factors that provide motivation to study.


5 Time-saving Tips to Give You More Teaching Time

[nozoom]5 Time-saving Tips to Give You More Teaching Time


Every educator strives for classroom efficiency but the bulk of materials needed for each class and the process of storing and maintaining these materials makes achieving total efficiency difficult. Students need project materials, study guides and engaging activities to keep their attention.

Saving time is of the utmost importance so you can spend time with your students helping them to understand the subject at hand. The 5 time-saving tips presented here will save precious minutes on your morning's roll-call, afternoon clean-up and even the time you take to make a test.


Two Effective Strategies of Writing Essay

Everyone knows that most students do not like performing writing tasks insofar as developing writing skills and thus making good paperwork are not so easy. It requires hard working and great attempt as from student, also from teacher.

Majority of students do not know how to start writing. Sometimes their paperwork is so vague that it requires accuracy and cannot attract the interest of readers, cannot assure in given opinion or position. The case of facing before such problems mainly declines the motivation of students and worsens development of written thought.


Using Online Resources to Increase Student Productivity

Those involved in developing academic curriculums are always looking for creative and effective ways to increase the achievement ratio of students. The advancement of the information era has presented some unique and powerful opportunities for students to become more productive in reaching their achievement goals.

According to a white paper by Matthew W. Liberatore, something as simple as using an online homework assignment curriculum improves the overall productivity of the student. The cause and effect behind this principle is complex, but when simplified, it focuses on two distinct variables: Most students' familiarity with the Internet and its vast available resources.


Five Ways for Teachers to Make the Most of Summer Vacation

Summer time is the perfect opportunity for teachers to kick back, relax and revel in some much-deserved time off, but for the savvy teacher, it's also an excellent time to get in some highly-focused planning and find great deals on classroom essentials. With a whole morning spent in your classroom with just your to-do list and your favorite tunes, you'll be able to tackle tasks like using your quiz maker software to make all your quizzes for the year or whipping up a dozen bulletin boards in just a few hours.

Here are five tips to help you make the most of your summer.


How to Manage Class Properly, Keep Students Organized and Make Them More Disciplined

Importance of Class Management

[nozoom]Importance of Class ManagementClass management and maintaining discipline is important process during the study process. Sometimes, it is impossible first of all to organize and maintain order in the class, afterwards put it aside and start studying. Management of class stipulates teacher’s action, directed on creation of good studying environment in the class and the discipline – teacher’s action, directed on prevention of undesirable action or decreasing it to a minimum.

It has been determined that teachers have different strategies of managing the class and previously elaborated action plan. Final, long-term aim of class management is training of self-discipline and short-term – creation of healthy atmosphere in class.