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Learning Should Be Fun: Delight Your Mind by Becoming Acquainted With Your World

Experiential Learning - Being Able to Know First Hand is Key to Fun Learning.

A school-age boy stepped on something in his local creek. Imagine the "cool" factor of actually stepping on an abandoned mastodon tooth in your neighborhood creek bed one hot summer day just before lunch! The lucky 9-year old kid who had that experience will never look at a creek, a tooth or anything referring to mastodons - in the same way again! Because our little guy was able with a single step to transform an ordinary creek bed into an outdoor classroom, his approach to learning has been transformed as well. The questions that are posed to educators are: should learning be fun, and what are the best ways to make learning fun? We cannot all go through life looking for lucky educational creek beds, but we can approach the world as an open classroom, ready for people of all ages to dive in and learn as they have never learned before!


Experiential Learning is Key to Grabbing the Attention of Students of All Ages.

Back in education past, written learning and repetition were the most common methods of teaching and learning a school lesson. Students had to learn, memorize, and then regurgitate their lesson contents to be able to pass to a higher grade. Somewhere along the way, educators realized that there was a more effective way to teach lessons and reach students. The course of classroom education changed for the better. Students began to use regular textbooks, which were written with the student in mind. As the learning began to drift away from the “wrote” style of teaching and learning, education and research began to bloom. As the educators themselves began to explore teaching and learning methods, students began to engage differently with their school materials.