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Exploring the Role of Exams in Modern Education and the Need for Change

Exams are an extremely important component of American education. Students must take tests to demonstrate proficiency in a subject area. Exams are also a primary means of determining who gets into college.

We educators begin testing students at early ages. Those who perform well end up with an advantage in life. We place them in advanced classes while in elementary school. There, they learn things that can place them on the right path to academic success. Others, who perhaps do not perform as well on our tests, can go in the opposite direction.

With so much riding on exams, it is only fair for those of us in the teaching professions wonder if we can make testing more student-friendly. We explore that issue, but first, let us consider how the current emphasis on tests developed.


A Brief History of Modern Testing

Measuring aptitude became a national concern during World War I. The Army wanted to know the “intelligence” of its recruits. This knowledge would allow them to place the soldiers in the right positions, they believed.

The use of intelligence tests continued after World War II. A major reason was the growth of the military industrial complex. During the war, the government invested heavily in the Manhattan Project to create the Atomic Bomb. This weapon, though horrific, helped end the war, saving many lives that would have been lost during the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland.